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Small-Leaved Portugal Laurel


⬆ 15 ft

Sun Requirements

☀ Full sun to part shade (light shade preferable)


➡ 10 ft

❯ Quick Facts

  • Plant Hardiness: Zone 6-9
  • Medium-growing
  • Slightly smaller and slower-growing than the Portugal laurel

❯ Description

The leaves of the Small-Leaved Portugal laurel are a dark, glossy green around 5 inches long and 2 inches wide.  In late spring and early summer the plant will develop beautiful, scented, small white flowers that bloom in spikes. After blooming, the flowers will yield clusters of tiny reddish or dark purple fruit. The berries are unfit for human consumption, but when ripe attract birds far and wide. When planted small, the Small-Leaved Portugal laurel can tolerate dry shade. For a hedge, plant at 2 ft centers.

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