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Portugal Laurel


⬆ 20-30 ft

Sun Requirements

☀ Full sun to part shade (light shade preferable)


➡ 10-15 ft

❯ Quick Facts

  • Plant Hardiness: Zone 6-9
  • Fast-growing (16 inches per year)
  • Can be easily pruned into topiary
  • Dark green foliage year-round

❯ Description

Portugal laurel (also known as Portuguese laurel) is a dense, rounded evergreen shrub with dark glossy green leaves. New growth will have red stems, eventually maturing to green. Small, white, fragrant flowers appear in early summer, followed by red berries turning to purple. Portugal laurel is a fast growing plant and can mature into heights of up to 50 ft and a width of 30 ft. This plant responds well to pruning and can be turned into soft topiarised shapes. For a hedge, plant at 2-3 ft centers and trim in June.

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