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Common Boxwood


⬆ 7 ft

Sun Requirements

☀ Full sun to full shade (very versatile!)


➡ 6 ft

❯ Quick Facts

  • Plant Hardiness: Zone 6-8
  • Slow-growing (4-6 inches per year)
  • Takes well to pruning and makes a great choice for hedges and topiary

❯ Description

The Common boxwood is a large shrub – or even tree, if left untrimmed.  However, it is more often used to grow a manicured hedge. This plant is also popular for topiary. Its leaves are smooth, dark green, and shiny in texture.  They can retain their colour year-round but have been known to brown in severe winter winds. The Common boxwood can be planted in areas receiving anywhere from full sun to full shade, making it a very versatile plant. When fully mature this plant can reach heights and widths of 15 ft. For a hedge, plant at 2 ft centers.

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