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Welcome to Camson Creek Cedars! We are conveniently located in Abbotsford, BC on our 20-acre nursery and have been in business since 1995

We specialize in cedar hedging including propagation, container-grown and field-grown stock. We also grow other varieties of conifer and broadleaf evergreen hedging. We are a family-owned and -operated nursery and put our customers needs first in everything we do.

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Our field stock is hand dug, balled and burlapped by experienced diggers.

Our container stock is available in size #1 (please use our online quote form to inquire about current availability). We are always ready to talk about custom orders and requests - please get in touch with us about your specific needs.

Our commitment

We pride ourselves in maintaining a well-run facility and offering quality nursery stock at affordable prices.

Because we care about the health of the environment, we have successfully completed the Canada-British Columbia Environmental Farm Plan Program. We are also members of the BC Landscape and Nursery Association and the Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association, as we strive to stay abreast of issues related to our industry.

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Cedar, Yew, Juniper and Cypress varieties

Boxwood, Laurel and Photinia varieties

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